• Why does my flashlight not turn on?

    > Make sure you have removed the plastic slip from the battery > Make sure you have observed battery polarity, and inserted the battery with the +ve sign towards the head > Clean the tailcap and head threads using a cloth or paper tissue > With the new, fully charged battery in the light, unscrew and remove the tailcap. Use a metal object such as a paper clip or key and simultaneously touch the flat center of the battery and the edge of the body of the light - it should turn ON

  • What maintenance does my flashlight need?

    > Use a soft cloth clean to clean the threads > Replace and lubricate O-rings to maintain IPX-8 rating > Remove battery when stored for extended periods

  • Why does my flashlight flicker when I turn it on?

    > This may be caused by the battery being nearly depleted - you should recharge the battery

  • Why does my flashlight only work in the low output mode?

    > This is an indication that the batteries are nearly depleted - you need to replace or recharge the

  • How to clean the Spinner's bearing?

    1) Prepare tools and alcohol 2) Remove the bearing from Spinner 3) Put the bearing in the alcohol about 3 minutes 4) Blow dry it 5) Install the bearing on Spinner